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Fruit By The Ounce Naked Fish And Mellow Buddha E-Juice!

Come by BC Vapors for some great deals on these amazing e liquids, 60ml Fruit By The Ounce, 50ml Naked Fish, and 60ml Mello Buddha. Smooth and Tasty!

New and Amazing flavors for an awesome price!

All only $20.00+tx!

Check out the flavor profiles…

60ml Fruit By The Ounce:

Fruit Strawberry Guava

Strawberry Guava by Fruit by the Ounce E-Liquid is a fresh, ruby red strawberries and sweet, syrupy guava nectar blended together. Refreshing, tasty, and just the right mix of tropical.

Fruit Blueberry PomegranateBlueberry Pomegranate by Fruit by the Ounce E-Liquid is made with an alluring combination of tart, red pomegranates and sweet, ripe blueberries. Perfectly blended together to make a classic smoothie.

Fruit Peach LemondePeach Lemonade by Fruit by the Ounce E-Liquid is a tangy, crisp lemonade tempered by the soft, mellow sweetness of freshly picked peaches. Freshly brewed and served in a cold glass.

Naked Fish juice

50ml Naked Fish Flavors:

Wahoo:  Fruity Vanilla Cream

Barracuda:  Honeydew Sweet Fruits

Great White:  Strawberry Shortcake

Piranha:  Vanilla Custard Cream

Sting Ray:  Chocolate Cream Hazelnut

Mello Buddha Juice

60ml Mello Buddha:

Wisdom:  Green Tea with Honey

Karma:  Coconut Mango Pineapple

Nirvana:  Orange Vanilla Cupcake

Namaste:  Watermelon Berry & Menthol

Zen Master:  Tropical Lemonade

So Far everyone is loving these Juices! We currently have them available in 3mg and 6mg nicotine only. More product updates coming soon! So please bookmark and share, thanks!

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E-Juice Blowout Sale Dec. 28th – Jan. 1rst

[fruitful_dbox] MEGA BLOWOUT SALE!! [/fruitful_dbox]

We are getting ready for the new year so we want clear our shelves for more exciting juice flavors coming soon! Come visit us between December 28th through January 1rst for our blowout of e-juice for unbelievable prices(as if they weren’t already). Get any of our House juices in 30ml for just $5, any 60ml for just $10 and any 100ml for only $15 Flavors and current stock quantity with nicotine level see below… you can also check out our e liquid flavor descriptions page.

American Blend:  30ml 5x0mg 6x6mg 5x12mg 60ml 10x3mg 10x6mg 10x12mg 100ml 6x3mg 4x6mg 8x12mg

Apple Rancher:  30ml 2x0mg

Baja Blast:  30ml 4x0mg 4x3mg 5x6mg

Banana Custard:  30ml 3x0mg 2x6mg

Blueberry Cheesecake:  30ml 4x0mg 2x3mg 1x6mg 1x12mg

Blueberry Rancher:  30ml 3x3mg 5x6mg

Boulder Twinky Cake:  30ml 6x0mg 6x3mg 1x6mg

Bubble Berry:  30ml 4x0mg 3x3mg

Butterscotch:  30ml 5x0mg

Caramel Machiato:  30ml 6x3mg

Cherry Limeaid:  30ml 5x0mg 3x3mg 2x6mg

Cinnamon Danish:  30ml 4x0mg

Clove Tobacco:  30ml 6x0mg 1x6mg 60ml 5x3mg 100ml 2x3mg

Coconut Cream Pie:  30ml 3x3mg 4x6mg

Cola:  30ml 4x0mg 1x3mg 6x6mg

Creamberry Custard:  30ml 3x0mg 4x6mg 3x12mg

Creamy Cheesecake:  30ml 1x3mg

Crispy Bacon:  30ml 4x3mg 3x6mg

Crunch Loops:  30ml 1x0mg 1x3mg

Cucumber Mint Mojito:  30ml 4x3mg 5x6mg 1x12mg

Dr. Vape:  30ml 6x3mg 5x6mg

French Vanilla:  30ml 3x3mg 3x6mg

Fruit Circles:  30ml 5x0mg

Fuzzy Naval:  30ml 6x0mg 3x3mg 3x6mg

Harvest Berry:  30ml 4x0mg 3x3mg 1x6mg

Hazelnut Tobacco:  30ml 1x0mg 5x3mg 60ml 4x3mg 100ml 3x3mg

Krunch Berry:  30ml 5x0mg 2x3mg 1x6mg

Kiwi:  30ml 3x0mg 3x3mg 2x6mg

Lemon Cake:  30ml 4x3mg 5x6mg 4x12mg

Lios Milk:  30ml 4x0mg 2x3mg

Mango Peach:  30ml 3x0mg 2x3mg

Mary Jane:  30ml 7x3mg

Menthol Blueberry:  30ml 5x0mg 4x3mg 3x6mg

Menthol Tobacco:  30ml 2x0mg 1x3mg

Menthol Watermelon:  30ml 4x3mg

Mild Black Tobacco:  30ml 4x0mg 4x3mg 1x12mg

MJ Rainbow:  30ml 3x3mg 6x6mg 100ml 2x3mg

Moon Rocks:  30ml 3x0mg

Mt. Dewey:  30ml 2x0mg 4x3mg 1x6mg

Nectarine Yogurt:  30ml 12x3mg 5x6mg

Nu Port Tobacco:  30ml 2x0mg

Ocean Mist:  30ml 5x0mg

Olaliberry:  30ml 3x0mg

Orange:  30ml 2x0mg 6x3mg 6x6mg

Orange Cream:  30ml 2x0mg 4x3mg 1x6mg

Organic Cantaloupe:  30ml 2x0mg

Organic Strawberry:  30ml 4x0mg 7x3mg 3x6mg 4x12mg

Peanut Butter:  30ml 5x6mg

Peanut Butter Cup:  30ml 1x3mg

Peach:  30ml 4x0mg 5x3mg 3x6mg

Pineapple Xpress:  30ml 6x0mg 2x3mg

Pixie Dust:  30ml 10x0mg 2x3mg

Pumpkin Pie:  30ml 6x0mg 5x3mg 2x6mg

Purple Haze:  30ml 3x0mg 4x3mg 4x6mg

Rasberry Custard:  30ml 2x0mg

Red White Blue Pop:  30ml 2x0mg 4x6mg

Root Beer Candy:  30ml 2x3mg

Root Beer Float:  30ml 8x6mg 7x12mg

Salt Water Taffy:  30ml 3x0mg 5x3mg 2x6mg

Scooby Snack Shot:  30ml 2x0mg

Serial Killa:  30ml 5x0mg 2x3mg 60ml 2x3mg 100ml 2x3mg

Smurf Puke:  30ml 1x0mg

Sour Apple:  30ml 8x0mg 2x3mg 4x6mg

Sour Head of War:  30ml 2x3mg 3x6mg

Sweet Almond:  30ml 3x6mg

Tigers Blood:  30ml 7x0mg 4x3mg

Toasted Cinnamon Krunch:  30ml 6x0mg 1x3mg 2x6mg

Toffee Custard:  30ml 2x0mg 2x3mg

Unicorn Dream:  30ml 7x0mg 60ml 3x3mg 100ml 3x3mg

Vanilla Ice Cream:  30ml 2x0mg 100ml 4x3mg


BC Vapors E Juice


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Halloween Is Almost Here!

We are having a get together Monday October 31rst for Halloween! Come join us for some fun and deals. We will have free candy and drinks, BBQ available if you want to bring your own food to cook. Music and scary movies towards the evening. Starts at 3pm and continues on until 10pm or later… Don’t be too scared to come!

Halloween Meetup