E Liquid Flavors

Our House Juice Flavors Menu:


Blue Label

Loops – Fruity Circles mixed with creamy milk, the best cereal flavor

Orange – Minus the peel and seeds gets you a smooth Mandarin taste

Cinnamon Danish – A big bite of glazed cinnamon Danish in the morning will start your day off just right

Fruity Circles – Might make you a bit loopy

Red Velvet Cake – Velvety Cake goodness, a rich flavor of it’s own

Blueberry Cheesecake – A seriously rich and sweet blueberry delight

Crispy Bacon – Anyone that loves Bacon with a bit of Maple Syrup will want this one


Red Label

American Blend Tobacco – A classic Camel or Marlboro tasting vape

Blueberry Cotton Candy – This juice takes you back to $.25 night at the Beach Boardwalk and a big bag of blue cotton candy

Cinnamon Toast Krunch – Like it says, a big bowl of delicious cereal

Jackie’s Blood – A blend of magical and mythical fruits

Lemon Cake – A citrus Icing on the cake

Mild Black Tobacco – Smells like grandpa is hitting his corncob again

Ocean Mist – Refreshing blend of berries, fruit and menthol

Strawberry(organic) – Just like biting into a ripe strawberry from your very own garden

M.J.’s Rainbow – It’s as if a unicorn just French kissed you

Toffee Custard – Good old fashioned toffee mixed in a sweet blend of creamy custard

Boulder Tweekie Cake – You will feel like licking the cream off your lips after vaping this old school creamy cake

Shawn’s Chronic Custard – If you love custards, THIS IS IT!

Orange Cream – Rollin in your 5.0 with a Orange Creamsicle

Organic Cantaloupe – A melon ball salad in your mouth!

Peach – Millions of peaches… Peaches for you…

Peanut Butter Cup – A classic movie munchie snack!

Pineapple Peach – Like opening a can of Dulle Pineapple Juice

Root Bear Float – Spot on Root Beer Barrel Hard Candy

Salt Water Taffy – Vape this while riding the Giant Dipper

Salted Caramel Latte – A creamy sweet latte from * Bucks

Scooby Snack Shot – Melon Liqueur mixed with fruits and whipped cream

Creamy Cheesecake – Rich and Creamy Goodness

Fuzzy Navel – Vape this all night without getting a hangover

Hazelnut Tobacco – A nutty delicious blend

Juicy Fruit Gum – Doesn’t lose flavor after several vapes

Krispy Rice Treats – Snap Crackle Yum!

Mango Peach – A tropical combo of fruit

You may also purchase at our retail store located in Boulder Creek just a 20 minute drive from Santa Cruz on Hwy 9.

One thought on “E Liquid Flavors

  1. Everyone does their custard a little different and for my tastes you guys absolutely nailed it!! And your blueberry crumble is out of this world delicious.. Thanks guys you gave me a whole new outlook on ejuice and now I’m vaping every day with BC Vapors! Be well and steady vaping.

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