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Juice Sale Plus More About CBD’s

First off I want to thank all of our customers that have been with us on the journey for our first 6 months of BC Vapors being open. Without all of you we wouldn’t have made it this far. We now have a rewards program so you can collect points to get free stuff so be sure to get on board with us at Five Stars right away. We also have a lot of other Big ideas and things we are working on for the near future so stay tuned…

We are currently talking to some Vendors of CBD type e liquids. We already have several options but we are looking to have some more excellent choices soon.  We were surprised at what some of our own customers have said about CBD’s and how they work for them. We are always interested in hearing anyone’s testimonials that want to share with us. We might even put a YouTube channel up for them.

Now On With The Epic Juice Sale!

Read on Below…

House Juice Sale

Come into our shop August 17-19 Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and all of our 30ml House Juice in the Red Labels are $10(we pay tax) if paying by cash and just $10.80 by CC and no limit on how many you can buy! All of our $14 30ml Blue Label will be 10% off as well. Plus every dollar you spend minus the tax will earn you points for free stuff. This is just the beginning for some Awesome juice at some Epic prices.  Thanks Everyone!

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