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Welcome To BC Vapors

BC Vapors is opening February 15, 2015.

We got a lot of work to do, installing new wood floors, an artist to paint the inside, kick-back furniture to sit on and some cool special effects lighting we are adding as well. We want to make it comfortable for everyone while trying out some high quality e-liquids.

While our selection of vaporizers may be somewhat limited in the first couple of months we plan to have a wide variety of vaporizers for all walks of life. If you want a vaporizer to use as an alternative to cigarettes and for vaping your favorite e-liquids we want to provide you multiple options at prices that will work for anyone.

Be sure to bookmark our website and come back often to see our special promotions and vaporizer giveaways every month!



2 thoughts on “Welcome To BC Vapors

  1. Cool, I am new to vape gear but looking to buy next month. Look forward to seeing how all your hard work pans out.


  2. I cant wait till you guys open count me in on being a customer 🙂 I have lots of faith in you and always have 🙂 hugssssssssssssssssssssssss

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